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Income Annuity Toolbox

Feeling Buried in Annuity Options?
Unsure What to Recommend to Clients?

Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefits have changed the landscape for traditional accumulation annuities, both fixed and variable, over the last decade. With new riders for guaranteed income being built every day, it has become a veritable jungle of benefit roll-ups, withdrawal rates, and bonus options. Simple interest? Compound interest? Fees on the benefit base? Fees on the account balance? Absent an illustration for every possible scenario, how is an advisor to choose the appropriate financial product that most closely tracks the client's needs with confidence?
Let the Annuity BullDozer Plow through the Rubble.
The Annuity BullDozer(tm) allows you to closely analyze the features of the products that meet your clients' needs. Simple input makes it easy to simulate the real dollars generated from various income benefits and compare the implied yields. Determining the implied yield can enable you to shrink the initial cost required to provide guaranteed income and ultimately help determine the true cost to the customer.
With the Annuity BullDozer Flash Drive, you get a one-year subscription for just $198!

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